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School Holidays 

Looking for an engaging and educational way to keep your kids entertained? You've found it! Our program offers a full day of activities designed to reinforce learning in reading, writing, and maths while ensuring plenty of fun along the way. We also incorporate STEM and art activities to spark creativity and critical thinking. So, drop them off with us for the day and enjoy some well-deserved time to yourself, knowing they're having a fantastic time and learning too!

The Program

Our Whole Day School Holiday Program comprises of 3 main workshops throughout the day (Maths/English Tutoring + STEM Challenges+ Art Experiences).

English & Maths - The English component of this workshop will help develop students’ reading and creative writing skills. They will engage in meaningful literacy activities and develop greater awareness of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure in texts and in their own writing. This program will also provide students with a range of activities to consolidate key mathematical concepts in Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division and Fractions and Decimals. 

STEM - Engaging hands-on experiences with real- world applications aimed to promote student inquiry, discussion and problem solving skills.

Art & Fun - Finish the day with fun and Creative Art activities. Children will unlock their creativity through a series of art and craft activities, board games and Lego. 

July School Holiday program at Castle Hill. Children will learn Reading, Writing, STEM, Art during the 6 hour program.
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