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School Readiness 3hr session outline in Castle Hill

School Readiness Program

Our weekly school readiness program for pre-school aged children runs for three hours. Our program targets fine motor skills, builds foundational literacy and numeracy skills children need for success in school. Our evidence-based teaching methods, combined with our small group learning environment, help create a strong foundation of skills for each child. 

Pre school children practise cutting skills during fine motor time at the School Readiness program in Castle Hill Sydney

Fine Motor 

Fine motor skills are critical to academic excellence and everyday functioning. At Explore and Learn, we utilise our extensive experience to help students develop and improve their fine motor skills. Our tutors focus on everything from grip strength to hand-eye coordination and give your child the tools they need to succeed. We believe that every student should have equal access to academic success, and by growing fine motor skills, we give them a strong foundation to build on.


We understand how crucial a strong start in literacy development is for children to succeed in their school journey. That’s why we provide a holistic approach to develop pre-literacy skills, including pre-reading, pre-writing, and oral language development. Our evidence-based learning methods are designed to enhance phonemic awareness and vocabulary development in a fun and interactive way, preparing your child for success in their academic journey.

Pre School children learn to read and develop reading skills at the school readiness program in Castle Hill Sydney
Pre school children learn mathematics skills at the school readiness program in Castle Hill Sydney 2154


Our early numeracy and math program is designed to help children build a solid foundation in essential mathematical concepts. Our curriculum is designed to help children develop a strong understanding of fundamental concepts like counting, number development and subitising. By utilising a range of teaching methods, including explicit teaching and hands-on activities, we create engaging and interactive lessons that cater to different learning styles. 

Building bright futures... 

We prepare preschool children for school at the School Readiness program in Castle Hill Sydney
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